Tuesday, 11 September 2012

my newest obsession: EOS Organic Egg Lip Balms

So for all those who have been living under a rock (or in Australia), this EOS egg range has been the latest craze of lip balms throughout the world. I had heard raving reviews about these for quite a while now, every blog, youtube-r and person i knew (that wasn't from Australia) had such great things to say so there was no way that i was not going to not try them. FINALLY i tracked down a site that sold them (and wouldnt empty my back account).

So i decided to order two; the Summer Fruit and the Strawberry Sorbet.
And there is nothing more to say except that i completely love them.

They have a waxy texture, so if you are not used to that form of lip balm you may find it strange. They are super moisturising though and they last a very long time. I must add that they both also taste and smell super yummy!

The packaging is also super cute, shaped very much like an "egg". The only inconvenience i can see with this is that when you want to take that super cute-paper-thin-clutch with you on your nights out, this lip balm will sadly be left lonely at home as it wont fit.

I am so excited to add to my collection, as by the end of this summer i want to own every favour! Obsessed much? I think so!

Have you experienced these before? What did you think?

Stay Beautiful,
S xo

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