Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Skincare Review: Chanel Hydramax + Active Precision Moisturiser

BACKGROUND: For as long as i can remember my mum has drilled to me the importance of a good moisturiser, and not just having it, but ensuring that i actually moisturise my face.
Back in the day, i used to think i had 'oily' skin, as it was summer and the temperature was day in-day out, over 38 degrees celcius, and my skin appeared shiny. With this mindset, i refused to used moisturiser thinking that "it will just do worse to my skin, i will be adding oil to oil, i will have millions of pimples and it will be horrible". As time passed and summer came and went, my exercise routine stayed the same and my skin began to get very flakey, and mum still drilled me with the same message. I graduated high school and i finally went and got my skin 'diagnosed', and found out i actually have DRY skin! So all that time i had been doing nothing but damage to my skin! My mums message finally came through and i begun to use all sorts of different things. Now i am religious about moisturising every morning and every evening, even moisturising after my workouts!

I decided to splurge on an expensive item, both because i had heard amazing reviews about the product, and because i had used the other items (Cleanser, Serum and Toner) from the same Chanel Precision range and they had been fantastic. So finally, here is the review!

The Chanel Hydramax + Active Precision Moisturiser comes in a sleek container with a black lid and the classic CC symbol on the top. It comes with a little stick that i keep inside the tub, and scoop out my desired amount whenever i use it. The product itself smells absolutely amazing, so much like a perfume, the scent reminds me so much of summer months.
The formula itself is light, and does not leave an oily, sticky or tight feeling on your skin. The moisturiser claims to be of intense hydration, and i do agree with this statement. It leaves your skin feeling healthy, incredibly soft and moisturised. The formula also sinks in very quickly.
-Lightweight, no residue and completely sinks into the skin
-Intense moisture and leaves skin feeling even and soft.
-Smells very good.
-Very nice packaging

Overall i adore this product, and although i still have lots left it will be one that i will be repurchasing as soon as i run out. Yes it is a bit of a splurge, but i think that your skin is one organ that needs looking after the most. And a wise lady, once told me that "if you can only splurge all your money on one thing, let it be a moisturiser and i promise you wont be disappointed".

Do you have any moisturisers (low or high end) that you swear by? Let me know, i would love to try them!

Stay Beautiful,
S xo

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