Sunday, 9 September 2012

Makeup Review: Sleek Makeup Blush - Rose Gold

So i had heard such amazing things about the Sleek Makeup Blush range, and like any other make up lover i had to try it for myself. After reading countless reviews and looking at many pictures, i decided to purchase one for myself. I purchased it in the shade Rose Gold, which i had heard many times before was a very similar blush to that of NARS Orgasm. Now i have not bought the infamous NARS Orgasm yet, mainly because it is so pricey, so i decided to try this one by Sleek Makeup which was a fraction of the cost. So here we go...

The blush comes in a thin square container. It fits in your makeup bag with no problem. The casing is also sturdy as i have thrown it into my handbag and gym bag on many occasions and it has not opened nor crumbled inside. 

The packaging is also easy to open, and the ingredients of the blush are written clearly on the back. When opened there is a mirror on the inside. 

Now the product itself. The Pros include:
-VERY pigmented 
-Blends really well
-The gold shimmer adds a subtle glow to the skin
-Can be built up in colour 
-Very similar to NARS Orgasm
-The shipping of anything you buy from is a very reasonable price. 

The Cons Include:
-Occasionally you can get too much product on the brush if you are not used to a blush that is this pigmented

Overall i LOVE this blush. It has turned into my everyday go-to blush, especially with the summer months approaching it adds that little bit of colour to my cheeks.
To make things even better, i have used it religiously since i have gotten it and there is not even a dent in the makeup..its going to last me a while! 

Have you tried this product? Let me know what you though!

S xo


  1. great blog

    1. thank you so much dear! i finally have a follow button so feel free to follow me. S xo

  2. Beautiful blush, I haven't seen this shade before and now I definitely HAVE to have it ❤ thanks for sharing x

    1. Not a problem! i cant wait to hear what you think! (:

    2. I did actually go out and get it :) I reviewed it on my blog, absolutely love it x