Friday, 5 October 2012

Review: Sleek Makeup 'Hide It' Concealer

So not very long ago i wrote a post on the  Sleek Makeup Blush (Rose Gold) that i purchased, and i think its only fair that i write one on the Concealer i purchased in the same order.

Background: To make a purchase of Sleek Makeup website i needed to buy two things, so i decided to buy the concealer as well as the blush. Why a concealer? Point blank i can say it is because i did not have one at the time.
The concealer comes as a stick that you twist out and is easy to take around because its so small and fits everywhere. The texture is very waxy, which means that you have to warm it up a bit before it becomes the creamy texture that it should be applied as. The colour i purchased it in is Shade 00. 
Guessing concealer shades online is hard, just like guessing foundation shades of products you cannot buy in store. Fortunately in this case, i bought the correct colour for now, although at times it does take a while to settle in and my concealed sections are lighter than the rest of my face. Moving into summer i will have to move to a warmer shade, as my skin will become darker. The concealer itself is not very pigmented, and in my case that is a disappointment. 

- Covers eye circles well
- Good, study container that fits well.
- Blends well once warmed up.

- Not very pigmented
- Waxy texture that takes quite a bit of work to warm up
- Takes a while to be absorbed
- Sometimes photographs whiter than other sections of the face
- It doesnt stay on all day, and towards the end of the day it goes greasy on my skin (and i have a dry skin complexion) 


This is the swatch of the concealer on my hand. Im sorry the lighting isnt fantastic but you can see that its creamy texture. (I am tanner on my body then i am on my face)

Overall this concealer works fine for the price that i paid for it. The reason i bought it was to cover under eye bags, and it does that with no issue. I dont wear it when i go out and know i am going to get photographed because it appears whiter than the rest of my face in photos. 
I will continue to use this as my concealer for a day to day basis but I honestly dont think i will repurchase this product, because i want to try other products that are on the market.

Have you used this concealer? I would love to hear from you!

S xo

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