Sunday, 14 October 2012

Procrastination, my middle name.

So you should know i often consider myself the queen of procrastination. And in this case i mean i would rather do ANYTHING than finish off my final assignment for the semester (and yes, it is a heavily weighted, important, assignment). By anything i mean, clean my room, rearrange my closet, and most recently go running.
Now this last one may be the best procrastination tool i have thought of. Its a two in one, im avoiding something i really dont want to do (ahem, assignment) and im getting fit..well fit is the wrong word to throw out at this point..but im getting exercise.

So i set out and did a coast run, which lasted for 7.5kms (if you speak in miles, thats almost 5 miles), and i know you're probably thinking thats nothing, but for a non runner (yes, my sport of choice could not be further from the hard pavement), it was quite an achievement. After this run i did 15 minutes of continuous stairs and boy could i feel everything hurting. Im talking glutes, hamstrings, calf muscles..the lot. At one point, i wont lie to you, i thought i was going to die. But my inner spiritual self started saying quotes and motivational things, which lead me to complete the goal i had promised myself i would do.

After this, i went for a walk on the beach. The weather was beautiful today, so i decided to sit there until the very last of the sun, went down. I managed to take a couple of pictures on my stroll. Enjoy.

this was my turn around point on my walk.

"live for today, because no one can ever promise you tomorrows sunrise"

some people choose to call it paradise, i call it home.

Until next time,
S xo

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