Monday, 17 September 2012

when all else fails, run.

im back! did you miss me?
my account was suspended but with no doubt im back for good!

ok so today i went through three forms of exercise, yes i kid you not. in the morning i went for a one hour power walk with a friend, then was motivated enough to spend two hours in the gym, and lastly when i got home my sister wanted to run down the coast and that we did.

shoes on and im ready.

i have always been some sort of exercise freak. i feel that unless i am sweating like a mad woman, i am not exercising (hence my obsession with boxing classes). i love finishing my workout and knowing i gave it all i have.

basically my costal workout consisted of running and core work:
 25 minute solid run in one direction. (this forces me to have no way to get back to my car aside running back!)
3 x -   15 leg lifts (each side)
      -   30 second plank
      -   10 pushups
      -   30 second plank
      -   15 mountain climbers
      -   30 second plank      
      -   10 v-ups
      -   30 second plank
      -   40 turtle taps
      -   30 second plank
      -   50 sit-ups (alternating sit-ups, crunches, sit-ups between sets!)
30 minute run back (yes it always takes me longer to run back to my starting place, dont ask my why!)

just a little taste of what i run alongside.

as you can probably tell, i like to work my core the most. dont be scared off by the list! it feels amazing when you have worked all those muscles! let me know if any of you have tried it! or if you have any other exercised i should try!

the sun was setting just as i finished my run back, so my sister and i just sat on the edge of the beach watching the sun set over the horizon.

and just like that another day over.
S xo

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